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Skip's Holden Rodeo Turbo Diesel

Which Club does Skip belong to?

In October 2004, I was offered an opportunity to be involved in setting up a new club with a bunch of friends, and so I jumped at the chance. Hence I am now a founding member of the new Go Bush 4WD Club Inc. I am on the committee of this club, in the position of Webmaster. This club was designed to be a small casual club, with a focus on recreational 4WDing and camping, for families, in a non-smoking environment. The club is unique in that it has been designed to have no politics, no red tape, no regular meetings, in fact pretty much all we do is 4WDing and camping. We also do have the odd meeting, but these are more a social gathering, with the official business taken care of in the first 30 minutes or so.

I am also a member of Night Owl 4WD Club Inc. as I am the webmaster for this club's internet site, hence the membership was automatic.

In previous years (1997-2004), I was a member of another small Perth based club, and held several committee positions, including Trips co-ordinator, and webmaster. Although we travelled to some nice spots, and met some great people, I was offered a great opportunity to be involved in setup of "Go Bush 4WD club", and so I now belong to the new club.

I do recommend joining a 4WD club, for several reasons...

I also keep in contact with other local 4WD clubs and organisations, as my firm Professional Pc Support provides web hosting services for several of them, including...

And speaking of the 4WD Association, they host a comprehensive list of West Australian 4WD clubs.

See ya's in the bush!  - Skip  :-)

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