Skip's 4x4

Skip's 4x4
Mark's RFDS radio - 10th March, 2001.

Coden type 7515 SSB Transceiver, brief thoughts: This unit has 3 obvious problems:
    1) the 4 installed crystals have been destroyed by side-cutters, and hence need to be replaced.
    2) the 3 front toggle switches have been broken off, but the switches still work by using a screwdriver!
    3) there is no microphone. 
Further diagnoses: When connected to power and switched on, there is no power drain. I suspect that the microphone needs to be in circuit. When manually powering the main power input relay, then green light comes on, and current draw is a nominal 200 to 300Mamps, which all seems fine. RX and TX obviously can't be tested due to the cystals being damaged. See photos: 

Photo of unit showing top board (receiver board), with location of 4 (out of 5) channel crystals. 1144.jpg (88KB)
Close-up of channel crystals, which clearly shows that they have been disabled (destroyed) by a pair of side-cutters. 1146.jpg (56.7KB)

Close-up of board mounted on right side. At first, I thought that this board was burnt out, but I think it has been painted black to preserve any "manufacturer's secrets! 1149.jpg (44.8KB)

Photo from underneath showing transmit board (rear) and channel selector board. 1150.jpg (81.5KB)
Poor photo showing layout of 1 of the 3 damaged toggle switches. 1151.jpg (35.2KB)
Close-up photo of 6 pin microphone socket. 1152.jpg (37.3KB)
Photo of front panel, showing controls, and location of 3 broken toggle switches. 1153.jpg (72.9KB)

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