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Brunswick's 6.5 Litre Diesel V8 conversion for Landcruiser.

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I recently had the pleasure of crawling all over a Landcruiser that had been fitted with a big-block V8 Diesel, at my place. It's proud pilot, Andrew, had dropped in to do some work on our house, when I noticed his beast, and asked if I could take a peek! He was only too pleased to show me every nook-and-cranny of this awesome machine. The transplant was performed by Brunswick Diesel's, and consists of a GM V8 diesel of 6.5Litres capacity, which bolts up to the gear box with an adaptor, which does not change the position of the gearbox, meaning that no expensive mods need be done to tailshafts etc. The battery has been re-located to make more room, but the original Toyota air cleaner and radiator are retained. The original air conditioner compressor is also used, with the aid of a custom bracket. All wiring has been neatly secured in plastic ducting, all resulting in a very neat professional job. Andrew claims that he gets 19MPG around town, which is only 2MPG worse than the standard Toyota 6cyl diesel gets, but with 50% more power, DOUBLE the torque, and a sound that simply oozes GRUNT. Click on the following pictures for large versions...

A standard cruiser, right? WRONG! Take a closer look!
pic0044.jpg (73.7KB)
See the yellow sticker, revealing it's awesome secret! Oh, and the red sticker too!
pic0046.jpg (43.8KB)
Front view of the engine bay. What a work of art! I am sure Toyota designed the Cruiser to take this motor!
pic0047.jpg (78.4KB)
Side view of the engine bay. You can clearly see the injector pipes going over the rocker cover to the diesel pump, situated partially under the front of the inlet manifold.
pic0048.jpg (74.2KB)
Notice the air intake adaptor on the inlet manifold, custom manufactured to couple to the standard toyota air cleaner.
pic0049.jpg (82.6KB)
Custom 3" exhaust system, huge 33" 12.5R15 All Terrains, and dual batteries in front of the wheel. Nice!
pic0050.jpg (47KB)
Nicely finished off with ARB suspension, bull bar, scrub bars and side steps. Also Hella lights, 1 spot and 1 driving light.
pic0051.jpg (82.4KB)
For more info, call..

Brunswick Diesels

08 9726 1431

Contact Alan (me) for more info. Email me.

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