Skip's 4x4
My Toyota Hilux's fitout & development.

Skips 4x4
This is my Hilux how I bought it on 21 Feb 2002. It had no accessories at all, apart from air-conditioning. It had the factory fitted 205R16 tyres on factory 16x5.5" split rims.

By the way, my Hilux has been christened "TONKA", following the tradition of the Rodeo.


The day I bought it!
As soon as I drove it home, I jacked it up and removed all 5 skinny wheels and tyres, and fitted my mags and All-Terrain tyres (from the Rodeo). It certainly improved the appearance of the car!

I also fitted my red & black seat covers, and floor mats, which also were from the Rodeo.

I had the car tinted with Rayban "Ultimate" window tinting on Tuesday, 26 Feb 2002.

The day I bought it, after fitting my off-road wheels and tyres.
On 15th March I put the car into ARB to have an ARB TowMaster "Reese Style" towbar installed. THe ARB Towmaster tow bar.
On 24th March I installed my GME UHF radio into the Dash, powered from the accessories circuit.

Uniden TX3000 CB installed in the dash, below the stereo.

On 12th April I had a Safari Snorkel with Ram top fitted by Autoride in Balcatta. Safari Snorkle with Ram top
On 18th April I started spending the big bucks!
First to be installed was the ARB "combo" steel bull bar (winch compatible). This was fitted by Track Torque in Wangarra.
ARB Steel Combo Bulbar
And on the same day (18 April) whilst at Track Torque, I also had them supply and fit an ARB high-roof canopy installed. Onya Paul & Grant! Thanks for a great deal and a nice job fitting it! ARB Hi-roof canopy
On23rd April, the car went back to Track Torque, to have the Rhino Rack installed, complete with track-mount system, commercial legs, and Aero-bars. I also had 2 recovery hooks installed on the front, and a 3rd antenna mount put on the bulbar. Rhino Rack with Aero bars, commercial leg, and track mount system.
On 5th May, I installed a Mobile1 6db CDMA mobile phone antenna on the bulbar. I also installed volt gauge and switches on custom panel on centre console. I also installed axillary battery charge circuit, and headlight reminder circuit. Photo soon!
On 6th May, I installed a pair of Hella Rallye 1000 FF driving lights. Hella Ralley 1000 FF Spotties
On June 12th, I finished design, installation and commissioning of my "power-box" in the rear cargo area. The box is the same width as the Wheel hump, and so does not effect the size of the load that can be carried. This box houses a 91Amp-Hour deep cycle battery, ARB diff-lock-ready air-compressor, and a Dick Smith Electronics 310 watt 240 volt inverter. All outlets are accessible from the back of the box. Additional outlets also provided including 2 x 12v Cigarette Sockets, and 1 x 12v 30A Polarised jack (for my fridge). My Power box, housing Deep cycle batter, inverter, compressor etc.
On June 30th, I installed a Command AP60 cruise control into the Lux, ready for our big Darwin trip. Photo soon!
On 18 September decided to upgrade my wheels and tyres, and so I purchased a set of 16x7 mags off a Toyota Prado (2nd hand but never used!), and a set of 265/75R16 BFG Mud-Terrain tyres. Pic showinf the Prado rims and BFG mudders
On 23 June 2003 I purchased a Fuelstar fuel catalyst, which fits in-line between the fuel filter and the diesel pump, and is guaranteed to provide a minimum of 10% better fuel economy, and increased power. Also less engine wear, lower emmisions, and other advantages. Click Here to read about my Fuelstar Photo soon!
On 31 July 2003 my truck went into ARB to have it's rear ARB Air-locker differential fitted. I also had front and rear diff breathers fitted, and a oil "dump kit" on the air solenoid on the locker, which will circulate any excess oil back into the rear diff via the breather.  Photo soon!
On 9 June 2004 I lashed out and had the car fitted with a decent stereo, remote central locking, and remote immobiliser. I chose a Clarion DB346 MP3 CD tuner, 4 x 50 watt, with Clarion 6" splits in the front doors, and factory speakers moved to back doors. The Immobiliser I chose was an Autowatch which features remote operation, and integration to the central locking. Photo soon!
On 10 June 2004 I purchased an Outback roof console, made by Outback 4WD Interior Accessories, and supplied by ARB. I fitted this myself. This unit provides 4 map reading lights, and 3 storage compartments, so suits us quite well. Photo soon!
On 18 Sep 2004 I decided to try to squeeze 33" tyres onto the Hilux. So I purchased a set of 255/85r16 (33.3") BFG Mudders, and stuck them on my Prado rims. We had to cut a bit more metal out from where the front mud flaps used to be, and on they went. When testing off road, we could get them to rub, but only at full lock, and when bouncing over large mounds. Photo soon!
On 24 Dec 2004 I purchased an extra spotty, a IPF HIR and mounted it in between the other 2 spotties. I also re-located the AM/FM stereo antenna to the centre of the bulbar, as it was forever getting smacked around by scrub. Photo soon!
In Aug 2005 I decided to downsize my tyres back to 265/75 (32's) as the 33's rubbed too much on the front end when turning and articulating whilst off road. The 33's also had bad wheel wobble problems at cruise speed. So I bought a new set of BFR 265/75R16 mudders, and then it ran "wobble free" at 110kph. No more tyre rubbing off road either! Photo soon!
A year later, in Aug 2006, I improved the stereo by adding a Clarion APX1300  300watt amp (mounted behind rear seat), and a Crossfire 300watt 10" sub-woofer (removable, sits on back seat!) Photo soon!

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