Skip's 4x4
Skip's 4x4
BBQ at the "Swamp", Oct 1999

Photos from BBQ / 4WD video night, at Froggy's place on Sat 9th October, 1999.

pic438_s.jpg (6363 bytes) The guests start to arrive,and the kids get stuck straight into the munchies, that were so expertly prepared by Sofia. Notice that Froggy is never too far from the food!
pic439_s.jpg (5437 bytes) Everyone has arrived. Standing room only, but it looks like the Hooligan is the only polite bloke here, kindly donating his chair to the first person that came along with a broken foot!
pic440_s.jpg (5309 bytes) Maria and Andrea did a wonderful job of cooking the food on the BBQ. Onya girls! (aren't they gorgeous!). Oh, by the way, there wouldn't have been any food, if it wasn't for the Scrounger bringing his gas cylinder over, once again rescuing the poorly prepared Froggy!
pic441_s.jpg (4748 bytes) Whoops! Could Sofia be angry at me for taking her pic whilst she was eating? Sorry Sofia! I promise not to show anyone the photo! <grin>
pic443_s.jpg (5344 bytes) The boys (and girls) having a few drinks and a bit of a chat!
pic444_s.jpg (4629 bytes) Maria, providing the night's entertainment! Could that be the look of pain on her face, or has Gadget just tickled her under the arm? C'mon Maria, the hook only weights about 20 kilos!
pic445_s.jpg (5037 bytes) Froggy, looks real happy to receive the "hook" award, for being the only person to get bogged on the Holland track. Perhaps this is a look of froggy concentration, as he prepares to throw the hook at someone!
pic446_s.jpg (6014 bytes) Wow! What a way to finish the night off! Sofia hands out an awesome array of yummy deserts, which was very quickly gobbled up. Yes, that's right, we got to them before Froggy!! Thanks Froggy and Sofia for a great night. Let's do it again real soon!! - Skip

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