Skip's 4x4
Pinjar Night Navigation run on 5th Feb 2000.

Skip's 4x4

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NOTICE: "LOST". A re-chargeable electric screwdriver has been misplaced. If anyone finds it, can they please let me know by email



A grand total of 28 cars, plus me, makes 29!
Our club's largest bash to date!

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Pete's awesome 1000watt 240v spotty with adjustable focus!
pic0019.jpg (86.2KB)
An awesome Discovery, complete with V8, huge TA's, body lift kit, and dual lockers!
pic0020.jpg (46.3KB)
Froggy being the centre of attention again!
pic0022.jpg (62.5KB)
Stewy's mighty Overlander, running an ex-drag motor. He blew up a front CV on the run, and completed it in 2WD!!
pic0024.jpg (87.6KB)
Some of the crowd relaxing at base camp. Note the party lights, TV and video. Camp power was provided by Robbo's 6.5KVa Gen-Set. Onya mate!
pic0025.jpg (69.3KB)
Someone's had some fun in the mud! Excellent (but smelly!)
pic0027.jpg (65.6KB)
Cam was happy when he finally arrived at base camp around midnight, after manning check point 1. Well done mate!
pic0030.jpg (27.6KB)
Problems for the Vitara: Radiator clogged with mud, resulting in overheating. Also lost a lot of engine oil, and also had to complete the run with no headlights!
pic0031.jpg (71KB)
Another flat tyre. Oh well, "them's the brakes". All part of 4WDing!
pic0032.jpg (58KB)
The morning after. Several people here did not even go to sleep!
pic0034.jpg (107KB)
Cam and his machine - the Turbo Diesel Toyota Hilux Surf.
pic0036.jpg (86.2KB)
Robbo getting "Pull Started" as he lost the use of his clutch on the run, and drove all the way in in first gear!
pic0037.jpg (64KB)

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