Skip's 4x4
Skip's 4x4

Videos of 4WDing

Stewy's Mighty Overlander

Coastline around Esperance

Video clips available:

competition_80series.wmv (3.6Mb)
floating4x4.wmv (3Mb)
mundaring_air_gadget.mpg (1Mb)
mundaring_air_pommy.wmv (1.9Mb)
mundaring_blackboy_lyndon.wmv (1.6Mb)
mundaring_captain_brettski.wmv (1.9Mb)
mundaring_cvhill_hools.wmv (1.9Mb)
mundaring_cvhill_skip.wmv (1.9Mb)
mundaring_damage_80series.wmv (1.2Mb)
mundaring_landy_jump.wmv (1Mb)
mundaring_lyndon.wmv (1.9Mb)
mundaring_stuck_pommy.wmv (1.9Mb)
the_a_team.wmv (2.9Mb)

Note: large files may take a while to download

Trying to lift "the hook"

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Pommy's Nissan (7Mb)